On-Site Meet & Greet Parking at Gatwick Airport

On-site meet & greet valet parking is the most convenient way of parking your car at Gatwick airport. With Gatwick airport on-site valet service, you can drive right up to the terminal, leave your car with a driver, and go straight to check in while they take care of parking the car.

Our comparisons find the best value on-site meet & greet services and remove all the stress of parking at Gatwick from your trip.

Why shouldn’t I just park my own car on-site?

It can seem that if your car is going to be parked at the airport, you may as well do it yourself. The issue is that parking at Gatwick is a lot easier said than done. Parking your car is guaranteed either to involve getting a transfer from one of the long stay parking garages or fighting for space in the cramped multi-story short stay options near the terminal.

Both of these options are stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re travelling with children or racing the clock to catch a flight. Gatwick airport on-site valet service saves you the hassle and the time and allows you to go straight to your plane – which is, after all, the whole point of going to the airport.

What are the advantages of Gatwick airport on-site parking?

When choosing a meet and greet valet service at Gatwick, you have the option of having your vehicle parked either on- or off-site. The cheaper option is off-site, but this will mean that your car will be driven to parking area up to 15 miles away from the airport. With this service your car will not leave the confines of the airport while you’re away.

Drivers for on-site valet services will also meet you on the forecourt of the terminal, so you can step out of the car straight to check in. If you choose one of the off-site options then your drop off point will likely be at one of the short stay car parks, meaning you’ll still have to walk to the terminal – just as you would if you parked the car yourself.

Here are just a few advantages of using Gatwick airport on-site parking service:

  • Drivers meet you on the forecourt of the terminal
  • Your car will never leave the airport while you’re away
  • Gatwick airport onsite parking is very secure

How on-site meet and greet works

On-site meet & greet parking at Gatwick couldn’t be more simple:

  • You drive up to the forecourt of your terminal where your driver will be waiting (sometimes you have to call them when you’re nearly there)
  • You leave your keys with the driver who parks your car for you on-site
  • You go straight into the terminal to check in
  • When you return your driver will bring your car right to you (again some services ask you to call them when you land)

Some companies also offer extra options such as having your car washed while you’re away and returning your keys so you can keep hold of them while you’re away. Our comparisons will help you find the perfect Gatwick airport on-site parking service for you.

Can I find out exactly where my car will be parked?

The details and locations of the parking areas for all Gatwick airport on-site meet & greet parking services are easy to find on each company’s website, and will also be featured in our comparisons.

Will my car be safe?

Yes. All the parking areas operated by Gatwick airport and other individual on-site meet & greet companies are very secure.

If you want to make extra sure that your car will be safe while you’re away, check that the company you’re using has been awarded a Park Mark. This means that their parking garages have been assessed by the police to be safe and secure.

Are Gatwick airport on-site parking services always open?

All of Gatwick’s airport on-site car parks are open 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re going to be arriving at the airport very early in the morning it is a good idea to double check that the company you’re booking with has drivers available at that time. Most providers will always have drivers on hand, but it’s good to be certain.

After all, the point of valet service is to take all the stress out of driving to Gatwick.

What are the other options?

On-site meet & greet parking at Gatwick is the most convenient way to park your car, but this means it is also the most expensive. If you’re looking for a service that is a little cheaper and don’t mind your car being driven away from the airport for your trip, then off-site Gatwick airport parking serive is a great option.

If you fill out our form (on your right) we’ll compare the best off- and on-site options and find you the best value service to suit your needs.


Have a great trip!