ABC Gatwick overview

ABC Gatwick is a competitive meet and greet service operating under Help-me-park. ABC Gatwick offers you peace of mind through their self-owned car park, insurance, office, and landline. Without compromising security, they boast a best price guarantee, ensuring if you can find the same service for cheaper, they will match the price. It’s worth noting that their 30+ drivers are employed by Help-me-park, so when booking with ABC Gatwick don’t be surprised if the service is carried out under this branding.

Quick info

What’s the address? Leylands Car Park, Broadbridge Lane, Smallfield, RH6 9RF
Which terminals? North & South
Long or short stay? Long & Short, however if you plan to book for over 30 days you will have to call to arrange long stay parking.
Daily price? Roughly £10.10 per day
On or off-site? Off-site
Open 24/7? Yes
Distance from the airport? 5.9 miles
Park Mark? Yes
Ratings? 98/100

How it works at ABC Gatwick

ABC Gatwick offers a flexible service that accommodates everyone’s travel plans, including customers who depart from the South terminal and return to the North terminal, or vice versa, at no additional cost. Whether you’re travelling to and from the North or South terminal, we’ve broken down everything you need to know into bite-sized steps:

Arriving at Gatwick South Terminal

  1. Upon arrival, drive your car to the Passenger Drop-off area (it’s clearly signposted) The drop-off and collection area is located underneath the multi-storey car parks.
  2. Drive over the third zebra crossing to the far end and park immediately on the left.
  3. One of their uniformed drivers will be waiting for you.
  4. Hand over your keys, and enjoy your holiday!

Arriving at Gatwick North Terminal

  1. Drive your car to the clearly sign posted Passenger Drop-off area at the North Terminal. The drop-off and collection area is located between the Sofitel Hotel, and the Short Term Multi-storey Car Park.
  2. Make sure you stay in the right hand lane as you round the Sofitel (it’s the big white building) when approaching the North Terminal, so you don’t end up in the queue for the multi-storey car park.
  3. Park in one of the marked bays, where you will be met here by one of ABC Gatwick’s uniformed drivers.
  4. Hand over your keys, and enjoy your holiday!

Returning to Gatwick

  1. As you land you will receive a text message from ABC Gatwick.
  2. Collect your luggage and then call them back. If you don’t have any luggage to collect, make sure you call ABC Gatwick as soon as possible on arrival into Gatwick, to avoid waiting.
  3. Your car will be returned to the same location where you dropped it off.

Key features

ABC Gatwick offers you both security and affordability, with both secure car parking facilities owned by ABC Gatwick/Help-me-park, and a price match guarantee which ensures you get the best value for your money.

ABC Gatwick’s staff

Through a landline telephone number in their office and mobile numbers for their drivers, ABC Gatwick ensures you can reach someone at all times. The ABC Gatwick drivers are mature and responsible (fully insured, and all over a minimum age of 35). They are clearly identifiable through a valet parking Gatwick uniform, and all carry a Gatwick valet parking ID.

British Parking Association

ABC Gatwick have a membership to the British Parking Association (which represents more than 700 companies in the parking and traffic management sector). They strive to meet BPA’s code of practice and ethical standards, which is available for you to read on the ABC Gatwick website.

Price match guarantee

ABC Gatwick’s price match guarantee acknowledges that less reputable providers may be cheaper, but they are confident in their competitive pricing amongst the more established and trusted valet parking companies. Therefore, if you can find a similarly reputable service that is cheaper than theirs, they will match the price.

Security & protection

The car park itself is owned by Help-me-park, and has both fencing and CCTV to ensure your car’s safety. In ABC Gatwick’s car parks, cars are checked and audit trails are kept for both drivers and your vehicle’s location. Your car keys will be stored in a safe weighing in at 1/2 a tonne, located within a secure office building that is fitted with ‘straight to police’ alarms.

ABC Gatwick’s car park also holds the Park Mark Safer Parking award, which was introduced to reduce crime in parking facilities. The Park Mark is an award given to car parks that have passed security checks conducted by the police, and operate in low crime areas.


ABC Gatwick, owned and operated by Help-me-park, offers an affordable and reputable meet and greet valet parking service. They are more expensive than some of the other providers who operate on a more mobile basis. However they do offer a safe and well-established valet car parking service, which boasts a competitive price for parking of its kind. Through their price match guarantee it is likely that ABC Gatwick offers one of the best deals for this service, so it’s definitely worth filling out a form on the right!