Ace Gatwick Parking Review

Ace Parking meet & greet overview

Ace meet and greet parking is one of the largest providers of valet parking at Gatwick airport, having parked the cars of over 1 million people to date. They have been running car parks since 2006, when the company started running park & ride services (no longer offered at Gatwick), but became focused on valet parking in 2013 and now operate from the forecourts of Gatwick’s North and South Terminals.

Quick info

What’s the address? London road, Lowfield Heath, Crawley, RH10 9SW
Which terminals? North and South
Long or short stay? Long and Short
Daily price? Roughly £13 a day
On or off-site car park? Off-site
Open 24/7? Yes, the Ace Parking car park is open at all hours on every day of the year
Distance from airport? 3.5 miles
Park Mark? Yes
Rating: 89/100

How it works at Ace meet & greet

As an approved provider of valet parking at Gatwick airport, Ace Parking valet services are permitted to collect and deliver your car right on the terminal forecourts. This means that, whichever of the terminals you’re flying from, the process is simple:

Arriving at Ace Parking

  1. Drive up to the terminal

    Drive right to the terminal you’re flying from, be it Gatwick airport south terminal or north and meet your driver.

  2. Meet driver + Leave Keys

    Leave your keys with your driver and and they’ll take you car and park it in one of Ace’s secure car parks.

  3. Head to terminal

    Go straight into the terminal to check in.

Returning to Ace Parking

  1. Call

    When you have collected your luggage, call Gatwick Ace meet and greet services to let them know you’re ready for your car.

  2. Head to collection point

    You’ll meet your driver at the same place where you originally dropped your car off.

  3. Drive home

    Get behind the wheel and start the drive home.

Key features

Ace meet and greet provides secure and reliable valet parking at Gatwick. Price-wise they’re not the cheapest, but they’re not the most expensive, and having access to the terminal forecourts makes them definitely worth considering. They also offer extra services such as cleaning your car while you’re away, subject to availability.

The service provided

With Ace valet parking you can drop off and collect your car right by the entrance to both the North and South Terminals, so you won’t find a more convenient provider. They’re also dependable with many years of experience so you know you’re putting your car in the hands of someone you can trust.

Security and protection

Every car park operated by Ace, including at Gatwick, has been awarded a Park Mark. This is an award given by the police to verify that Gatwick car parks are safe and secure. Ace’s car parks are also staffed 24/7 and covered by CCTV so you can be sure your car will be safe while you’re away.

Ace Parking review: conclusion

Ace meet & greet at Gatwick is one of the more expensive valet parking companies that operate at Gatwick airport. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering them as an option though, as one reason for this price is the added convenience they offer by being able to collect and deliver your car right to the forecourt of the terminal. Fill out our form to find out if Ace has the right deal for you.