Cheapest Gatwick Meet & Greet Parking

Nobody wants to spend a fortune on car parking while they’re away. Gatwick airport valet parking takes away all the stress of dealing with cramped airport car parks, so you might imagine this would come with a hefty price tag. You would be mistaken.

Our team has researched all the cheap Gatwick meet & greet providers at Gatwick airport’s North and South terminals. This means we’re able to guide you to the best value services, and also let you know what to look for in order to keep the cost down.

What’s the price range of valet parking at Gatwick?

Depending on the service you book, the price differences can be remarkable when it comes to valet parking. When booking through the airport’s official website, you can sometimes see charges going as high as £30 a day, but through other providers this amount can fall to below £6.

As with any travel-related service, the price of valet parking will vary depending on the dates you’ll be away for, and booking in advance will usually get you a better deal. Weekends and bank holidays will see higher rates being charged, but using our comparisons you’ll always find the cheapest Gatwick meet and greet deal.

How to find a cheap Gatwick meet & greet parking?

  • Off-site vs on-site: Many Gatwick airport parking providers use car parks which are not on the airport site. These car parks are usually no more than 10 miles away, and the cheaper running costs associated with being off-site means the providers who use them are able to charge less for valet parking. Gatwick airport off-site parking is a great solution for those looking for a cheap Gatwick meet and greet valet service.
  • Access to the forecourt: Not all providers are permitted to use the forecourts of the terminals for collecting and delivering your car. Many providers will meet you instead by one of the airport car parks. Typically you’ll never drop your car off more than 10 minutes from your terminal, and these services are most often cheaper than those that operate right at the terminals.
  • Optional extras: Providers will usually offer a wide range of additional options while you’re away. From having your car washed to carrying out a full service, you can pay extra for more features. If what you’re concerned about is simply finding the cheapest Gatwick airport parking deals, make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t want and look for providers who focus purely on parking and delivering your car.
  • Booking early: Just as when you’re booking your flights, organising your parking early is the best way to keep the cost down
  • Travelling at peak times: Again as with any travel expense, prices rise if you want to park your car over periods of high demand such as major holidays. Obviously sometimes it is unavoidable, but you will get cheaper Gatwick meet & greet deals if you’re able to avoid travelling at these times.

Are cheap Gatwick meet and greet services still reliable?

Yes. We will never recommend you a provider who won’t reliably collect and deliver your car. Cheaper Gatwick meet and greet services typically offer fewer extras, but they won’t let you down on the basics.

Is price the only concern?

This depends on what you’re looking for in a valet parking service. There are great no-frills options available which focus purely on providing you a cheap Gatwick meet and greet parking service for the lowest cost possible, and there are providers who add a little extra in exchange for charging more.

Options you might want to consider above just the cost of a service are:

  • Whether your car will be parked in a covered car park: Some services guarantee your car will be stored under cover, therefore eliminating the risk of any weather damage while you’re away.
  • If you need a service that will collect and drop off your car at the terminal: For some people, particularly those with disabilities, this can be the most important factor when choosing a valet parking service.
  • The provider’s opening hours: The majority of services are open 24 hours a day, but if you’re going to be landing at an unsociable hour or on a holiday such as Christmas Day, it’s a good idea to check your chosen provider will be available when you need your car.
  • Where the car park is: As we previously mentioned, some providers operate car parks that are off-site. Off-site parking is a cheap Gatwick meet and greet alternative, but if a primary concern of yours is for your car not to leave the airport, then you’ll want to choose an on-site Gatwick airport parking service.

Are all the car parks secure?

Yes, the car parks are secure. If, understandably, you want to be completely sure of the safety of your car while you’re away, then check if the provider’s car park has been awarded a Park Mark. This certifies that it has been assessed on its security by the police.

Where can I find the best value options?

Right here. It takes under a minute to fill out our form (on your right) and we’ll immediately show you the list of cheap Gatwick meet & greet options for the dates you’ll be away.

Have a great trip!