The 7 Cheapest Meet and Greet Deals at Gatwick Airport

One of the main concerns with valet parking is keeping the cost down. Nobody wants to make their trip more expensive, so finding a cheap Gatwick airport parking deal is essential.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 7 cheapest valet options out there:

1.Sure Meet & Greet

Sure offer some of the best-priced valet parking services at Gatwick airport, with the cost often being lower than £10 a day. They’ll also meet you right at the terminal, making your trip as hassle-free as possible, and can even arrange to have your car meet you at another airport if you’re flying back to somewhere other than Gatwick.

2. Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose has been providing cheap valet parking at Gatwick since 1992 and now offer some of the best deals around. Valet parking is usually provided at around £10 a day, and the car park used by Tudor Rose is minutes from the airport. They also offer a park & ride service where a driver will personally take you to the terminal instead of having to use a bus.

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3. ABC Gatwick

ABC Gatwick provides valet parking in the region of £11 a day, and take very good care of your car in their secure car park (which has been awarded a Park Mark to certify it has passed a police inspection). Prices vary depending on the time of year and can often go much lower than the average, so it’s definitely worth checking ABC out to see if they can get you the best and cheap Gatwick airport parking deal.

4. I Love Meet and Greet

The I Love Meet and Greet parking service is one of the most popular brands on the forecourt of Gatwick’s North and South terminals. You’ll easily spot their drivers in their distinctive uniforms, and they track your flight to the minute to make sure your driver is always there with your car when you land. Valet parking with I Love usually costs in the region of £11 and is a bargain for the service you will receive.

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5. Maple Manor

Maple Manor offers a cheap Gatwick airport parking service at Gatwick. The cost of Maple Manor’s valet parking is usually £11 a day or less and their drivers meet you right by the terminals. Their car park is a little further away than some (3.5 miles), but their drivers will take good care of your car and make sure it’s back to you as soon as your return so you can get on with the drive home.

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6. APH

ABC is one of the most well-known names in airport parking, and for good reasons. Alongside providing other services such as hotels and insurance, APH runs a valet parking service that has been creating happy customers since 1980. Their prices usually average out at around £12 a day, not the cheapest Gatwick airport parking but their car park is one of the most secure and well maintained that you will find.

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7. Ace Parking

Ace Parking is the final of the 7 cheapest valet parking deals on our list. Operating from the same car park as Maple Manor, Ace’s valet parking won’t usually set you back any more than £13 a day and they’ll meet you right on the forecourt of both the North and South Terminals for the most convenient service possible.

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